Tour Ketchikan in Rugged Luxury and live the Alaskan Adventure of a lifetime!
Each H2 holds up to 5 passengers.

We have 5 H2's in the fleet!

Here at Alaska Hummer Adventures in Ketchikan, Alaska, we offer a one of a kind opportunity that will take you and your party on a private tour of all our beautiful island. This completely customizable tour allows you and your party the ability to choose what interests you most and then pairs you with a local knowledgeable guide.


Your journey begins from the moment your guide greets you! Whether it be at the ramp of your cruise ship, your gate at the airport, the lobby of your hotel or any place of convenience for you.

By customizing your tour you can choose stops that may include Saxman Native Village, a rainforest and beach walk, a stop at Herring Cove to look for wildlife in season and a viewing of Beaver Falls waterfall. Stops at the north end of town may include Totem Bight State Park or a bit of off-road adventures that will take you up Slide Mountain to a private vista view point. Into Hiking? We have two terrific rainforest trails that we can help you explore together; Lunch Creek trail and Ward Creek Trail. Custom stops can include but are not limited to; shopping, dining, photography or exploring just about anything on the island.
Come on in and find out more!!

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